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Student Life

Student life at Kolbe Immaculata School is varied and enjoyable. Our regular outings include a yearly visit to a pumpkin patch with the younger set, and last year our older students took a trip to NYC to see an off-Broadway play (The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis).


All of the students participate in our annual Rosary Walk-a-thon fundraiser, during which they walk to a local park while praying the rosary for Kolbe benefactors who the students themselves reached out to.

Festivities are also part of life at Kolbe. During our annual All Saint's Day party, the students dress up as the saint of their choice and recite a short biography, after which our priests try to guess the name of the saint - always lots of fun! We also have a bowling day to mark the end of the school year that the students all look forward to.

These are just some of the ways Kolbe Immaculata School enriches student life in a simple, humble and joyful way.


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