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Authentic Catholic Education:

Grounded in Tradition

  • Teaching students to think intelligently, critically and wisely

  • Promoting character by responsible application and submission to intellectual and moral discipline

  • Training students to express themselves with respect, charity
    and competence

  • Providing the opportunity to develop physical and good
    health skills

  • Developing proper social attitudes and habits and sound convictions of confidence and worth
  • Training the students as American citizens who understand their rights and obligations, their part in the function of government

  • Fostering responsibility to promote the general welfare and realizing the effect of their actions upon the lives of others

  • Promoting the development of leadership, especially moral
    and religious leadership, through personalization and commitment to truth and the application of Christian principles to activities and personal conduct

Challenging Curriculum:

Preparation for Success

  • Religion classes taught by our priests (FSSP):
    Baltimore Catechism - grades 1-6 (daily)
    Apologetics, Church/Bible history - grades 7-8 (4x/week)

  • English Grammar

  • Reading Comprehension and Literature

  • Composition

  • Phonics (1-4)

  • Latin (grades 6-8)

  • Penmanship (cursive)

  • Mathematics through Algebra I (non-Common Core)

  • History

  • Geography

  • Science

Solid Catholic Formation:
Foundations for a Faithful Life

  • Directing all actions toward the honor and glory of God

  • Teaching the Catholic Faith

  • Demonstrating and developing in the student a devout loyalty to the Holy See

  • Offering a complete education in which all subjects will be taught in the light of the Faith; the intellectual, physical and social education of the students will be integrated with their religious and moral instruction

  • Developing in the students a realization of Catholicism as
    a way of life whose truths affect attitudes and actions in
    daily experiences

  • Demonstrating and developing in the student a respect
    and intelligent obedience to all duly constituted authority

  • Fostering a display of refinement in manners, speech,
    and dress in accordance with Christian ideals

  • Promoting the dignity of human life and the partnership
    of the human body with the immortal soul

  • Developing the spirit of Christian charity as commanded
    in the words of Jesus: ”Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

  • Building a life of prayer and worship, finding in the life Christ and in the examples of Mary and the saints models
    of a Catholic way of living



Kolbe Immaculata School is ministered and staffed by Catholic laymen
and parishioners of Our Lady of Fatima Chapel. Our priests (FSSP) teach the religion classes and, for the seventh and eighth grades, Latin.


Affordable Education: 
Quality and Value for Growing Families

  • Low Tuition: We know how difficult it is to afford private school today, especially for a growing family. That's why we keep our overhead expenses to a minimum and keep our tuition affordable - among the best value available in our area in traditional Catholic Education!

  • Scholarships Available: Generous donors have allowed us to award a few need-based scholarships.

  • Multi-Student Family Discounts: Affording quality Catholic education can be difficult for large families. That's why we offer discounts to families with more than one student enrolled at Kolbe Immaculata School.


Our mission is that

of the Church; the salvation of souls.
Our means:
through excellence
in education.


We are dedicated to teaching children the faith and awakening
in our students a yearning to know,
love and serve God.


We teach our
students to pray,
to think, and to act,
by regular prayer,
by participating in
the Sacraments and obedience to the Commandments of God and His Church.

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